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St. John Vianney's Child Care and Preschool were established for the benefit of children and parents in our community. Our programs focus on developmentally appropriate education in a faith-filled classroom, and high quality childcare. We offer opportunities to grow and learn through many types of experiences. There is over 75 years of experience amoung our teachers in all of our programs and our staff is committed to the care of our children. All the lead teachers have four or two year degrees and our staff attend many different training sessions throught out the year, like CPR and first aide classes.


Child care is also available here on-site. Before and after school care and services provided on an “as needed” basis all add to the safety and convenience families need when dealing with their daily schedules. The center is open all year round and includes a summer program for school age children.


Please take a moment to review our programs offered and prices listed below. If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to take a tour of our facilities please call Perla Scott at 534-5392.



We offer 2 ½ hours of preschool activities. These activities include; greeting time, small & large group, prayer, lesson, music, art, science, math concepts, and free choice inside & outside.


2 Day Program

3 year olds

Tuesday & Thursday
8:30 to 11:00

$900.00 for 2012/2013 payments August 1st to May 1st $90.00 per month

(Effective July 1, 2013 $930 or $93 per month)


3 Day Program

4 year olds and Young 5’s
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
8:30 to 11:00 AM

$1,125.00 for 2012/2013 payments August 1st to May 1st $112.50 per month

(Effective July 1, 2013 $1150 or $115 per month)



Child Care

Our center offers many different programs. Beginning with our Toddler program and continues to our School Age program. We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and all year long. Each of our programs follows a daily schedule that includes prayer, preschool curriculum and outside time. We have a cook that makes homemade meals for the children. We offer breakfast, lunch and snack.



12months to 2 years nine months

Full time: $2.00 (effective July 1, $205.00)
Part time: $48.00 a day (effective July 1, $50.00)
½ day (5 hours or less a day): $33.00 (effective July 1, $35.00)


Early Preschool w/ Child Care

Penguins: 2 years nine months to 4 years

Full time: $178.00 (effective July 1, $180.00)
Part time: $44.00 (effective July 1, $46.00)
½ day (5 hours or less a day): $29.00 (effective July 1, $31.00)


Preschool w/ Child Care

Robins: 4 to 5 years

Full time: $168.00 (effective July 1, $170.00)
Part time: $42.00
½ day (5 hours or less a day): $28.00 (effective July 1, $30.00)


Before & After Kindergarten & School Age

We offer breakfast in the morning, snack after school, homework, computer time and play time with outside time if weather permits.

Before School (includes breakfast) $6.00
After School (includes snack) $8.00

2 hour Delay: (7:00-10:25) $9.00
Half day (11:25-6:00) $21.00
Full day (7:00-6:00) $31.00


School Age for the Summer

This program runs for the summer. We offer field trips, all meals, outside time and many fun activities.

Daily: $31.00
½ day (5 hours or less): $21.00

Caring Place Staff


Perla Scott

Perla Scott

Associate Director of Child Care
and Pre-School

direct: 616-724-3130


Paula Martin

Paula Martin

Administrative Assistant

direct: 616-534-5392


Dee Sundtrom
Dee Sundstrom

Preschool Teacher


Perla Scott

Perla Scott

Lead Preschool Teacher


Nicole PickardNicole Pickard

Preschool Teacher



Lori Tompsett

Lori Tompsett

Lead Toddler Teacher


Brandi Ager
Brandi Ager

Early Preschool
Lead Teacher


Sharon Beintema

Sharon Beintema

Preschool Teacher



Konni Estes
Konni Estes

Teacher Aide




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